Month: February 2018

How I finally lived my Bhutan dream!

Tiger’s nest in Paro, Bhutan!

Itook me 4 years to hike up to the Tiger’s nest in Bhutan.
2013 : Made up my mind to visit this place someday!
2014 : Decided to hike there in summers’14 but Saurav (my partner) dragged me to Europe instead.
2015 : Once again I had to postpone my plans to join him for Silk Road.
2016 : Booked my ticks without telling him. Reached Paro. Started the hike at 8am, reached the top at 10am and yelled to myself : That someday is today!

Budget? itinerary ? Food? Safety? Tons of questions but the answer is simple.

Book your tickets 🙂 Rest will follow!